What We Do

We are in Arrows Attire passionate about creating fashion and delivering to our happy customers. We care about your ultimate fashion needs, and your psychological and physical demands.



Our team ingenuously design product; we source good product cheaper price every day to match cost cutting tech.


We deliberately choose our factories for product, quality, financial capability and efficiency. 


Our sample unit designed with latest technology machines CAD & CAM systems to produce high quality garments and we handle sample making program efficiently


Our line of quality management team is hired with the deliberate process to ensure our highest level of job quality done.


From our sampling to shipment every tiny bits of works are in thru our ERP systems to follow-up 100% with many sophisticated reporting and process optimization. We have our own development team in China and Bangladesh for fabric and accessories sourcing.


We understand and respect your value, we know about your customers and we precisely know why they care about you.